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GitHub Copilot Launch 🚨

In one of the most interesting product launches I've seen in a long time, GitHub is partnering with OpenAI to launch an AI pair programmer which is a VS Code extension that suggests lines of code, functions, and even tests. Zooming out, this is another example of vertical applications of machine learning being applied to a very narrow (but, paradoxically, expansive) product surface area.

Autofill for repetitive code

I've joined the waitlist and am excited to kick the tires. If this works as advertised, it could be a huge boon in developer productivity as you no longer need to trudge through massive tomes of documentation and can instead focus on the task at hand.

Auto-generated Tests

Update: 0xabad1dea posted a risk assessment of Copilot and gave a number of examples where the suggestions were at best illegible (Easter calculator example) and at worst unsafe (PHP SQL injection example).

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