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Quote of the Week

John Mayer on Steve Jobs and how free fonts are "********"

Quote of the Week

John Mayer on Steve Jobs and free fonts:

The things [Steve Jobs] said to me went into the first page of my playbook forever. He said greatness is communicated in everything you do  and that was the day I went “everything's gonna matter.”

If you’re releasing something if you’re putting something it it’s a result of not one thing. It is probably a result of a hundred moving parts and if all hundred moving parts are right it’s right. If it’s not...the other day someone was showing me a test site for a thing and I looked at it and went 'It’s a free font'.

Buy the font because free fonts are bull**** and I can always tell when someone uses it. I don’t care what you record is. Come at me with a free font I can tell from the album cover. I can tell who downloaded from Why pay $500 for Atlas Grotesque when I can get this thing called Grottie for free?

But guess what? The H is up like four pixels and the word ‘the’ and the ‘e’ is off. And you get a whole page of that. Your brain doesn’t know it but your heart can tell. Your heart goes it’s not working. – Kerwin Frost Talks to John Mayer

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